Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

When you’re a parent there are lot of things you no longer get — a full night’s sleep, privacy in the bathroom, a hot drink that’s actually still hot!

But there’s one thing you get more of — advice. It feels like everyone has an opinion on parenting and no one is afraid to share it.

So how do you know which advice to listen to, how can you tell what works, how do you filter the bad, sometimes dangerous, advice from the good, extremely useful, advice?

That’s what the Triple P — Positive Parenting Program can help you work out and, best of all, you can access this program for free at Mackay Women’s Centre.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is a world-acclaimed parenting program that arms parents with skills to manage all sorts of issues that affect families everywhere.

It’s aim is to help parents raise confident, healthy children and to build stronger family relationships. It can help parents manage behaviour issues, from toddler tantrums to bedtime issues, and prevent problems before they even happen.

The Triple P program is evidence-based and draws from ongoing scientific research. There have been more than 200 evaluation papers, including 104 randomised controlled studies, showing that Triple P works for most families in a variety of cultures, countries and family situations.

It is successful because it gives parents skills, rather than telling them how to parent. It teaches parents simple and practical strategies they can adapt to suit their own lives, their own values, beliefs and needs.


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