Constitution of the Mackay Women’s Centre

The Mackay Women’s Centre Constitution can be downloaded here.

Inside this document you will find information on the following topics.

■ Name

■ Classes of members

■ Admission and rejection of members

■ Register of members

■ Electing the Management Committee

■ Functions of Management Committee

■ Acts not affected by defects or disqualifications

■ First annual general meeting

■ Special general meeting

■ Procedure at general meetings

■ Common seal

■ Documents

■ Objects

■ Membership

■ When membership ends

■ Secretary

■ Resignation or removal from office of Management Committee member

■ Meetings of Management Committee

■ Resolutions of Management Committee without meeting

■ Subsequent annual general meetings

■ Notice of general meeting

■ By-laws

■ Funds and accounts

■ Financial year

■ Powers

■ Membership fees

■ Appeal against rejection or termination of membership

■ Membership of Management Committee

■ Vacancies on Management Committee

■ Delegation of Management Committee powers

■ First general meeting

■ Business to be conducted at annual general meeting

■ Quorum for, and adjournment of, general meeting

■ Alteration of rules

■ Gift fund

■ Distribution of surplus assets to another entity